Unlock my Online Concert May 8th!

Hi guys!

I'm going live on my Instagram May 8th and it's up to my people to decide how long it will last!

It's obviously tough these days; for me as a musician and also many other people and organizations. That's why I came up with this fun challenge!!

This is how the platform works - You can add minutes to my online concert. (1 minute = $5 and I need to meet my goal of $100 for the concert to go live!)

50% of this minute goes to charity Direct Relief (providing equipment for healthcare workers) and 50% goes to my next exciting music project!

It would mean so much to me to have your support - even $5 is great!

Show your support HERE:


And I'll see you LIVE MAY 8TH on my IG @MelanieTaylorMusic

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