"New Sick Music Review-Adderall"

Melanie Taylor makes physical the sensation of being at war with yourself with her clip for “Adderall”. The song, which moves between glitchy in its rhythm (creating an underlying sense of internal discord) but riding a strong melody that will stick with you, takes you on a ride.

This powerhouse vocalist shows herself in multiple incarnations. Whether she’s strutting the streets in black lace and leather, performing in a white gown, or pared back on the floor letting her emotions run raw, Taylor isn’t afraid of showing us how she really feels. When two dancers begin an intoxicating performance, we who are watching the video are as moved as Taylor herself, who sits in the back of the room, unable to fight the tears. “Use me like your Adderall,” she begs, chasing feeling and release at once.

“Adderall” was released along with another single, “Ink” — her first releases since her 2016 self-titled album. To keep up with Melanie Taylor as we await more music, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE:http://newsickmusic.com/melanie-taylor-adderall-music-video

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