Premiere⎯Melanie Taylor's New Song 'Taste' Is Magically Delicious

You're gonna wanna taste of this. Flush with a rush of musical influences (predominantly '80s as you'll hear below). Melanie Taylor, who already stole our hearts with Inta My Heart earlier this year, is back with a provocative new song called Taste. Containing a ready-made club pulse and even a blistering guitar solo, the track samples her forthcoming studio album -- "we are planning for the end of July" for release, she told Vents magazine -- and is exclusivelypremiering today. "I’ve had some really amazing mentors who taught me the value in separating my artistic self from my personal self," she also shared of separating her entrepreneur spirit with her need to create. "I definitely draw on my personal experiences for writing and love to be myself on stage, but I always try to keep in mind that my music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and at the end of the day executives want to see numbers - which has nothing to do with who I am as a person."

She continue, "Following that thought pattern has allowed me to be a little more aggressive in my career than I normally would be as a person. Also I just really love music and can’t picture myself doing anything else, so I try and plan goals that will ultimately let me be more creative so that it supersedes any of the tasky stuff I may still have to do."

Speaking of aggressive, Taste is a hot shot of dizzying dance-pop euphoria, supported by irresistible rock overtones and haunting backup vocals. If anything, you'll be wanting to scream this anthem at the top of your lungs all day, everyday.

Taste follows the successes of songs like Inta My Heart and Money.

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